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What kind of vehicle insurance do you get?

       Comprehensive: Your vehicle will be covered in all damage for any claim situation.
       Third party fire and theft: Your vehicle will only be repaired when it burn or get stolen, and the other
          party's vehicle will be repaired.
       Third party only: When u were the cause of the accident, the other party's damages will be covered.

How long does it take to repair my vehicle

       It depends on how serious your damages were. A bumber repair will take up to a week for example.
       It also depends on how busy the repairer is and how available the spair are.

Can anybody drive my car?

       But if they are driving it for more that 20% of the week, you will need to add them as a driver

When do I insure my vehicle for business use?

       If u drive to customers on a regular basis it must be insured for business use.

When do I insure my vehicle for commercial use, under a commercial policy?

       As soon as u load tools, equipment, client property, your vehicle needs to be insuredd under a
       commercial policy.
       A personal policy does not cover work related equipment or stock.

When will i specify personal line items

       Your lapto, glasses, bycicle, cameras needs to be specified.
       All items that u take with you when travelling and that is worth more than normally R1500 needs to be
       specified, because the risk of it getting stolen or lost is higher than the risk when it is at home.